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Use A Conveyancing Lawyer For Your Next
Property Purchase

Are You Purchasing A Property?.... We Are Here To Help 

Purchasing a property is one of the most important decisions to be made in your life time.
You must ensure you get it right. Our firm takes a simplified approach to conveyancing, free of legal jargon and focused on delivering exceptional customer service and expertise in Property Law.

We will guide you through the conveyancing procedure, every step of the way.

Step 1.
When you have found the home you wish to buy and your offer has been accepted by the seller we will;

  • Take your initial instruction. 
  • Review the contract. 
  • Explain the contract to you. 
  • Request changes to the contract necessary to make the contract fairer for you. 
  • Arrange all property inspections. 
  • Work with your Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent. 

Step 2.
When you are completely satisfied with changes made to the contract, inspection reports and finance approval we will;

We will on your behalf attend to the exchange of contract. In most cases you will exchange a contract in the real estate agents office subject to a 5 day cooling off period. Should this be the case we shall attend to the contract negotiation, ordering of all inspection reports and chase your finance approval during the 5 day cooling off period.

Step 3.
Once contracts are exchanged we will;

  • Confirm in writing the key parts of the contract including confirming the date of exchange and the proposed date of settlement. 
  • Order all the requisite property searches. 
  • Keep you informed as to the progress of your purchase. And we will be available to answer any questions you have. 
  • Attend to the Stamp duty requirements 
  • Work with you lender to make sure all their requirements are met in time for settlement. 

Step 4.
When your purchase is ready for settlement we will; Most settlements occur within 6 weeks of the exchange date.

  • Prepare a settlement adjustment sheet which includes the balance of monies owing to the seller this takes into consideration pro rata adjustments of council rates, water rates and strata levies (if you are buying a unit). 
  • Contact the sellers' solicitors and your lender to book a time and place for settlement to occur. 
  • Conduct a final review of the file to ensure all searches conducted on the property are satisfactory.
  • Prompt you to organize a final inspection of the property. (Preferable the morning of settlement). A final inspection is done prior to settlement to make sure the property is essentially in the same condition state and repair as the property was at the time you inspected it just before contracts were exchanged. 
  • Attend settlement on your behalf. (You are not required to attend settlement). 
  • Confirm with you and the real estate agent that settlement has occurred. 

Step 5
After settlement we will;

  • Provide you with a copy of your contract of purchase. 
  • Provide you with a summary letter about your matter. 
  • From time to time send you an email keeping up to date with recent changes in property law. 

We understand sometimes it takes a while to find your dream property and sometimes you may require us to review several contracts before you find the right one. We do not charge a fee for reviewing contracts where you have been unsuccessful in the purchase.

What do I do if I find a property I wish to buy?

Your starting point would be to get a copy of the contract. Provide us with a copy of the contract so we may conduct a review in order to establish if the contract has any nasty surprises. Once we review the contract and provide you with an advice you are at liberty to exchange the contract subject to a cooling off period.

During the cooling off period we shall attend to negotiating the contract with the sellers' solicitors, order a pest and building report (house) or strata report (unit), and chase up your unconditional loan approval with your lender.

If the Pest & Building Report or Strata Reports come back okay, your Loan is Unconditionally Approved and the Contract is Negotiated Successfully the Contract can cool off and you are on your way to owning your dream property.

Feel free to call us on 02 9635 3611 to see how we may help!

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